Castle of Lispida
Monselice PD - Italy
"I Have a Dream"

Villa Castelnuovo
Palermo PA - Italy
"l'isola che c'è"


Museum internazionale MSAV
Abano Terme PD - Italy
"Emozioni Dipinte" solo exhibition
art critic Carlo Silvestrin

Arte Padova XXVII edizione
Padova - Italy


Gallery ARTtime
Udine UD - Italy
"Nudo d'arte"

Palace Fruscione
Salerno SA - Italy
"Luci di Avalon IV edizione"

Gallery ARTtime
Udine UD - Italy
"Arte Donna"

Museum MIIT
Torino - Italy
"II sessione internazionale Italia arte"

Museum Santa Maria del Rifugio
Cava De' Tirreni SA - Italy
"Avalon VI edizione"

Montegrotto Terme PD - Italy
"Le figlie del Raggio" solo exhibition
art critic Antonella Nigro

Gallery Area Contesa Arte
Roma - Italy
"Fremiti Sensuali"

Gallery Civica Cavour
Padova - Italy
"Variazionisolo exhibition
art critics Philippe Daverio e Dominique Stella

Castle Angioino Aragonese
Agropoli SA - Italy
"Svelati Arcanisolo exhibition
art critic Antonella Nigro

Arte Padova XXVIII edizione
Padova - Italy


Pilgerzentrum Gallery
Roma - Italy

Gallery CD Studio d'arte
Padova - Italy
"Equilibri Romanticisolo exhibition
critico Carlo Silvestrin

Museum Santa Maria del Rifugio
Cava De' Tirreni SA - Italy
"Avalon VII edizione"

Villa Draghi
Montegrotto Terme - Italy
"Anime Velate" solo exhibition
art critic Nicola Galvan



Banca D'Italia - Gallery Samonà
Padova - Italy
"Musesolo exhibition
art critic Carlo Silvestrin

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Roma - Italy



Library Angelica
Roma - Italy

Critical texts

Philippe Daverio

Passion for Painting
The particular case of BRA’s paintings and drawings was previewed to criticism from 1886, when Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson published Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in...

Dominique Stella

Painting that goes Beyond the Real
Bra is part of the artistic current known as hyperrealism, derived from photorealism. This school of painting was established in the late 1960s and early 1970s, in opposition toabstract...

Antonella Nigro

Daughters of the Sunbeam
The silent, sensual oblivion in the work by Bra The pictorial study by Bra is directed at the representation of the female shape and portrait, that is examined through a precise and personal...

Nicola Galvan

Cave of Figures
And lastly, the action of light, concerning the work's compositional features, formalizes the achievement of Bra's artworks by employing fast and balanced white pigments on the surface that reflect...